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The Inspiring: Joey Camacho

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Earlier this year I embarked on the most ambitious project of my very young career. A short film about an android in the broken home of a father and son called Hello World. Born out of a multitude of passions from story telling to visual effects, I was quickly biting off more than I could chew. I was going to need some help. A lot of help.

Insert Joey Camacho.

I'd met Joey once. At a Behance Portfolio Review. We'd chatted, connected over mutual friends, etc. Nothing too much came of it but when Hello World was looking to become a reality, I called him up to ask for a hand in one small, simple area on set: capturing HDRs.

Now, Joey could have stopped there (I wasn't paying him anything so that would have been easy). He could have just said "sure". But instead he offered so much more. I was quick to tell him my hesitation in bringing people on to something when they didn't really understand the scope of how much it would take (because it's always more). He got what I was getting at but said something that really stuck with me when it came to projects like this (indie projects): Someone is either in or out.

And he was in.

But this post isn't about Hello World. So I'll stop that story there. This series is about those that inspire me. And what inspired me about Joey was his unwavering commitment. He's the kind of person you want to constantly surround yourself with both professionally AND personally. I spent day after day, night after night in a small (very sweaty) room with Joey working away at a project that I had so much more to gain from than him. Inspired and grateful to say the least. 

Now inspiration doesn't always have to come in the form of someone's work (Joey's work is plenty inspiring but that's not my point). A person's character can carry them great distances and Joey's will be taking him to a great many places in his future. As of now he's rocking it out over at MPC and well deserved too. I hope I'm lucky enough to work on many more projects with Joey. He's one hell of a talent and one hell of a guy.

Thanks again, Joey.


Make sure to check out his work at (incase you missed the links above) at:

Raw & Rendered and his Tumblr