The Inspiring: Ryan Booth

Hot off the heels of Anthony Scott Burns is another music related super-talent: Mr. Ryan Booth.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan at NAB a few years back for what only amounted to a few minutes. A mutual friend (stay tuned, he'll be on this list soon) introduced us after some tomfoolery with the Phantom cameras. Little did I know at the time what amazing things he'd been working on and what talents he hid behind his polite, kind mannered demeanour.

Talent that led him to win Canon & Vimeo's "The Story Beyond the Still" Competition, create & direct a series that could be the resurrection of that thing we used to called MTV (the M stood for Music) and most recently on PDN's In-Motion 20 Emerging Artists List.  

Ryan is one of those multi-talented monsters thats hard to narrow down to simply one (director, cinematographer, producer, sound engineer). But if I had to, it'd be the one that encompasses and reflects so much of what he's all about.

It'd be SerialBox Presents.

A spectacular series that captures the performance of an artist or artists in a beautifully filmed, studio quality, live recorded, one-off music video. Do yourself a favour and check it out. Not only is there a masterful live recording in the end, Booth also performs a great interview and photo session with each artist giving you more incite into the artist and their inspiration and so much more than "just" a music video.

It's inspiring, informative, art.

Ryan is also in the final days of Kickstarting the SerialBox TV Pilot. A one hour show going even deeper into the artist cerebrum and amping up everything they already do so well over at SerialBox Presents. But just watch the video below and you'll get the idea. They're featured artists is one of the first SerialBox videos I watched: Noah Gundersen. Amazing.

I'm in awe of what Ryan has created. Even more so while having a family (baby girl number two only a few months ago!) Showing the balance is possible and that with the limitations come the inspirations.

Thanks, Ryan. You inspire me more than these words could try to describe.




Make sure to head over to SerialBox's Kickstarter page here and help them out. Be a part of something truly special. You won't regret it.


Catch Booth on Twitter, Vimeo, his site and of course: SerialBox