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The Inspiring: Brock Davis Mitchell

Olaf BlomerusComment

Calgary isn't called home to many world-class filmmakers. It's no Toronto or Vancouver... yet.

But there are a few shining examples of how to tell stories here and one of them is the uber-talent: Brock Davis Mitchell. Part of the crew over at Deluxe Design Group and his own Shot at the Dark.

Brock has a body of work ANY filmmaker would be proud to have: music videos, corporate gigs, advertising, narrative, all of it. He's a solid filmmaker and an amazing guy. His passion and skills are infectious. He makes me want to be a better man & director. I often refer to him as having the talent and zeal of Spike Jonze (they both skateboard but that's totally a coincidence... I think).

But there's no ego with Brock. He's got no desire to jump ship and sail off to a city where the more established scene would surely take him in and see him thrive. He wants to (like me) see this city grow and be a part of the amazing creative place it could be. Rocking with local (crazy talented) musicians the likes of Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and Reuben and the Dark (probably my favourite band at the moment). As of now his latest with Fitzgerald (WAY TOO BIG, WAY TOO LOUD) has grown into a project I can't wait to see. His collaborations with Boreal Sons are a beauty to watch (and listen to) as well. Coward, for example, is just perfect.

Beyond Brock's polish, production, ideas, and talents he inspires me to be an amazing soul. Whether I'm making films, telling stories or simply hanging out. I've never seen him in anything but a positive and uplifting state. And that can be tough in movie land. 

Thanks for the inspiration, Brock. Can't wait to make movies with you.





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