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The Inspiring: Filipe Carvalho

Olaf BlomerusComment

It's been a while since I did one of these but who better to get back on the train than with the talented Filipe Carvalho?! If you don't know who Filipe is you're in for a treat. Watch.

Now THAT'S a reel.

I wish I could remember how or when I got to know Filipe (pretty sure Twitter and the internet are to thank) but he's been a great source of inspiration (and a bit of jealousy) over the last few years. He's worked with some top level talent and deservedly so: he's top level (we're talking The Mill, Blur, Variable, Imaginary Forces, Leviathan just to name a few). Take a long stroll through his work (randomthoughtpattern.com) and get inspired yourself. 

From photography to typography and still concepts to moving pictures, Filipe never ceases to amaze me and some of the concept work he's produced boggles me. An amazing attention to style & design that while uniquely his own, still manages to reflect and support the subject at hand. Below is an faux title he did for a could-be film with one hell of a dream cast: The Architect.

But don't stop there. Flip through this gallery and get a taste of some more. Sunshine & Cosmos are tonally right up my alley. Maybe I have thing for space, who knows. 

Needless to say, I love what Filipe does. Definitely on my list to make some magic with him. Sooner than later I hope.

Thanks, Filipe.